How to fix the problem starting HP Deskjet on Windows?

There was a problem starting HP Deskjet [EXPERT FIX]

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HP Deskjet users report problems with startup errors on Windows 10. That is, at every startup, they see that there is a problem with starting the HP Deskjet. This usually indicates an old printer that is no longer in use, but is still in the registry and related programs are still starting in the system.

Not sure if I’m in the right place, but every time I turn on the computer I’ll get this error message: There was a problem starting C: Program FilesHPHP Deskjet 2540 seriesbinHPStatusBL.dll. The specified module could not be found. It’s from an old printer I got rid of, but I can’t get rid of any errors I’ve tried. Why is it still there and how do I remove it? Any help is appreciated!

Follow the steps below to fix the error forever.

Disable the program from the start :
1. Right-click on the Taskbar and open Task Manager.
2. Select the Getting Started tab.

3. Find the relevant HP Deskjet startup entry and disable it.
4. Alternatively, you can right click on the entry and Open file location.
5. From there, you can delete the specified files, if you have administrative permissions.

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Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

  1. If an error occurs and affects your current HP Deskjet Printer, download the HP Print Doctor and Scan utility, here.
  2. Run the utility and select the affected printer model you have.
  3. If the troubleshooter doesn’t help, uninstall all related apps, unplug the printer and reboot your PC.
  4. Navigate to Printer Management. Press Windows Key + R and type printmanagement.msc . Press enter.
  5. Find your printer and delete it.
  6. Connect your HP printer and reinstall the driver.
  7. Check for repairs.

Delete related files left from old printer

  1. Even after unplugging the printer, printer traces and drives are still on the system. So, in the Windows Search bar, tap Print Management, and open Print Management.
  2. Expand the Print Servers section.
  3. Expand your local print server.
  4. Open Drivers in the left pane.
  5. Right-click on the old printer causing the error in the right pane and select Remove driver package.
  6. Restart your PC and the problem should be solved.

How can I fix Printing Grayscale Problems on HP Printers

How can I fix Printing Grayscale Problems on HP Printers

Technical Support – Pretty much every HP printer allows you to print in both grayscale (Black and White) and shading mode. Imprinting clearly or shading thoroughly relies upon picking the inclinations in printer settings. Clients can alter the shading inclinations while they are printing their ideal reports.

Notwithstanding, there are sure occasions when you face printing grayscale issues on HP Printers. Indeed, your printer may either print in grayscale, and different occasions it will just print in shading. Tragically, this is the most incessant issue happening with the HP printers.

One of the Affected HP Users has Shared the Printer Problem as Given Below :

I bought a fresh out of the box new Dell PC. Whatever I print utilizing this framework, prints just in the grayscale. However, assuming I print a similar report through another PC or framework on a similar printer it will print in shading. For this, I have downloaded the fitting drivers from the HP official site, however the printing grayscale issues on HP Printers exist.

Initially, you want to check and confirm the shading cartridges. Assuming that they are available, they should have sufficient shading in cartridges. However, if the grayscale printing problem on the HP Printer persists, try following the guidelines below.

Following are the Steps to Fix Grayscale Printing glitch on HP Printer

Assuming your printer only prints in grayscale mode, then, at that point, follow the steps recorded below to fix the grayscale printing issue on the HP Printer.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the HP Easy Start Printer Setup

  1. Stage 1. Press the Windows Key + R together.
  2. Stage 2. Enter Control and press OK.
  3. Stage 3. Explore to Programs, then, at that point, Programs and Features.
  4. Stage 4. Search your printer in the rundown and select the Uninstall choice.

Eliminate Printer from the Device Manager

  1. Stage 1. At the same time press Windows Key + R.
  2. Stage 2. Enter devmgmt.msc to send off the Device Manager.
  3. Stage 3. Extend the Print Queues. Further, right-click on the tricky printer and select the Uninstall Device choice.
  4. Stage 4. Exit from the Device Manager.

Eliminating Printer from the Control Panel

  1. Stage 1. Once more, press Windows Key + R.
  2. Stage 2. Enter control to open Control Panel.
  3. Stage 3. Find Devices and Printer and send off it.
  4. Stage 4. Then, select every one of the printers recorded under Devices individually, right-snap and afterward select Remove Devices. Guarantee you do this progression for every one of the dangerous printers.
  5. Stage 5. Reboot the framework in the wake of eliminating every one of the gadgets.

Erasing the Temporary Files

  1. Stage 1. Initially, press Windows Key + R.
  2. Stage 2. Enter %temp% in the crate and afterward click OK. This opens the brief records organizer.
  3. Stage 3. Select the records in the Folder and tap on Delete.
  4. Stage 4. Once more, reboot the PC.
  5. Stage 5. Finally, introduce the new printers drivers.

Reinstalling the HP Easy Start Printer Setup

  1. Stage 1. Visit the HP Printer Driver page.
  2. Stage 2. Observe your particular printer model and download the most recent printer drivers.
  3. Stage 3. Run and introduce the downloaded printer drivers on your PC.
  4. Stage 4. As the arrangement requests that you interface the printer to the PC, plug in the printer USB link to your PC.
  5. Stage 5. Check by printing an archive in shading and check whether the mistake is settled. Whenever required, reboot the framework once more.

Because of this large number of performed advances, your printer would no more print in grayscale mode and you can get beautiful prints for a long time. Along these lines, settling printing grayscale issues on HP Printers. Consider the possibility that a Printer Won’t Print in Grayscale. There could be a circumstance where your printer isn’t giving grayscale prints. In such a situation, follow the means underneath.

Uninstalling the HP Easy Start Printer Setup

  1. Stage 1. At first, press Windows Key + R and send off Run.
  2. Stage 2. Enter Control in the Run window, and press OK to send off the Control Panel.
  3. Stage 3. Explore to Programs > Programs and Features.
  4. Stage 4. Finally, pick the Printer programming and snap Uninstall.

Eliminating the HP Easy Start Printer Setup

  1. Stage 1. Press the Windows Key + R, enter Control, and afterward press OK to open the Control Panel.
  2. Stage 2. Observe Device and Printers in the Control Panel,
  3. Stage 3. Click on Printers and Devices choice.
  4. Stage 4. Pick your printer and afterward click on Printer Server Properties.
  5. Stage 5. Under the Drivers tab, erase all the recorded HP printer drivers.
  6. Stage 6. Reboot your PC.
  7. Stage 7. Press Windows Key + R later the restart cycle.
  8. Stage 8. Enter %temp% and click OK.
  9. Stage 9. Select every one of the records in the impermanent organizer, and tap on Delete.

Reinstalling HP Easy Start Printer Setup

  1. Stage 1. Visit the HP printer driver page on the website HP Support Official. or HP Printer Drivers 
  2. Stage 2. Pick your printer model and download the necessary drivers.
  3. Stage 3. At long last, run the installer record and guarantee that you possibly interface the printer to PC when the arrangement wizard asks so.

Trust this aide viably settle the printing grayscale issues on HP Printers.